Benefits of Trees

  • Shade
  • Lower air temperatures
  • Reducing cooling costs in summer
  • Improved air and water quality
  • Habitat for birds, wildlife, and insects
  • Fall foliage and neighborhood beauty

Recommended Menomonie Tree Species Planting List 

The City of Menomonie Urban Forestry Board and the City Forester maintain a list of tree species recommended for planting in Menomonie. This list includes native species, species that will grow well in our climate and species to increase the diversity of our urban forest to be more resilient to future tree diseases and pests.

Urban Forestry Board

The City of Menomonie Urban Forestry Board was established in 1994 to oversee our landscape and Urban Forestry ordinances in an attempt to promote our urban forest and green space throughout our community that has aesthetic quality, ecological benefits, and that is responsibly maintained. The Urban Forestry Board meets monthly, view Urban Forestry Agendas & Minutes for more information.