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Lake Menomin Park


  1. Lake
  2. Picnic Shelters
  3. Ponds
  4. Trails

Size: 151.6 Acres

Facilities: Shelter and trail.

Service Area: It services the entire community. The park is owned by Dunn County.

Natural Features: Topography varies on the site from approximately 814' to 858' in elevation. Water forms the west boundary. Approximately 80% of the site is at an elevation of 830' or lower. A good site definition is created by topography to the north and east. A large portion of the site has been used for agricultural purposes; other portions are low and wet. The north and east edge is heavily wooded, with native, and plant species. Soils are light and subject to erosion. Small ponds are also located on the site, creating added interest.

Special Features: Undeveloped site with unique character and vegetation. The ponds and prairie grass are also interesting features.

Maintenance: Soil conditions will create the most serious problems- erosion, medium for plants, waste disposal, and intense use.

Signage: No entrance signs.

Access: Via Red Cedar Street and Domain Drive. Topography and adjacent land uses will limit access potential. City of Menomonie Park Plan 2007-2012 66

Development Plan: Dunn County is responsible for the development plan. This is an excellent site to be developed for extensive use by the community. Land should be retained in reserve until it is needed. Restrooms, a playground, baseball/softball fields, and lights could be added near the entrance to the park.